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The Pages Turn Themselves

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Calypso - Book 8, is now available. “There are four basic reasons why someone commits murder. The first and most powerful is love. The second is hate, then revenge. The fourth is profit, a la money. When one family member kills another, one or more of them is almost always the motive, and the murders on Calypso Key were no exception.” Harry Starke

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Harry Starke Book 7
Shadows from the past. A brutal murder. This time it’s personal.It takes only one phone call to turn Harry Starke into a monster. It begins when Harry’s kid brother is brutally murdered, his body thrown into the murky waters of the Tennessee River. That alone would be enough to set Harry on the warpath, but less than twenty-four hours after the body is found....

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Three complete novels. More than 200 five and four-star reviews. Almost 1,000 pages of lighting-paced action. If you're a fan of Harlan Coben, Lee Childs, or Tami Hoag you'll love Harry!” For a limited time, and just a couple of clicks, you can load up your reader with the first three books in this series of gripping, stand-alone mystery novels (almost 1,000 pages) for just $5.99.

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So You Think You've Got Family Problems

My Novels of the Civil War:


Three Days in Hell

The Mule Soldiers

The Chase


It was one of those beautiful, balmy days on Calypso Key in the US Virgin Islands. The sky was blue and a cool breeze was blowing in off the ocean as Harry and Amanda took their vows. All of their friends were there and all was well with the world... and then the sky fell.

Harry draws the line at getting involved when the death of one of father’s friends intrudes upon his wedding day, until he finds out he and his father owe that friend a debt they can never repay.

And so he is dragged into an investigation of not just one murder, but two--and the most dysfunctional, most wealthy family he's ever met. The cast of characters includes a former Navy Seal--now a butler--a playboy up to his eyes in shady financial dealings, and the woman at the heart of it all, who was pushed to her death from a fourth-story balcony. Harry clears a few hours to enjoy the good life on Calypso Key, but as for the investigation... well, we all know that when Harry's involved, nothing is ever quite what it seems.

Harry's Weapons









I decided it was time Harry got rid of the Smith & Wesson M&P9 and so I bought him an H&K VP9. I have one myself with a Streamlight laser sight and flashlight. Very accurate, 15 in the mag and one in the chamber = a load of 16. See Retribution, number 7 in the series.

IWI Tavor

This is the weapon Harry and his team used in Retribution. It's the semiautomatic version of the Israeli Bullpup assault rifle. It fires .223 ammo - the Israeli version fires 5.56mm military ammo. The mag on this one holds 30. I don't own a Tavor, but my good friend Ron does and I've fired it at the range on several occasions. It's just 25 inches long and has a holographic sight. The weapon costs around $1700 - the sight is another $400






Bob Ryan's Sig Sauer .45 1911 Compact

This is Bob's weapon of choice. I have one exactly like it. It fires .45 ammo. The mag holds 7 rounds. I have five extra mags including one that holds 20 rounds (courtesy of Ron). It turns the weapon into a very strange-looking piece.


If you're a fan of Harry Starke, you've probably wondered what the women in his life look like. So, here they are.

Lt. Kate Gazzara











Amanda Cole










Jacque Hale